TeleFinder the faster Mac web serverTeleFinder finds new life with 5.6

Spider Island Software came back from the dead this week to offer an update to TeleFinder, the company's bulletin board, e-mail and Web server.

The company had announced that it would close its doors last summer, following the release of TeleFinder 5.5, because of decreasing market share. However, Rusty Tucker, Spider Island president, said, "Things started to pick up enough to keep the product going." He said the increased interest in TeleFinder "had to do with the excitement coming out of Macworld Boston" in August 1997.

TeleFinder 5.6, due this week, takes advantage of new features in Open Transport 1.3, offering Internet Protocol-based virtual hosting that the company said can serve from multiple roots such as file servers.

Other additions to the TeleFinder Web server encompass new extended server-side includes: user variables, BBS conferencing, directory indexing and form processing. Version 5.6 also supports the WebStar plug-in architecture, the company said.

TeleFinder 5.6 mail server adds anti-spamming features that Spider Island said let administrators specify IP addresses that the server will relay mail for as well as configure the server to reject mail from certain hosts, such as known spammers. The server supports Web, BBS and Post Office Protocol 3 mail.

Enhancements to TeleFinder 5.6's BBS client include support for wildcard searching and flagging for read and unread mail, the company said.

TeleFinder 5.6 is available for $675 ($99 now). Upgrades from Version 5.5 are free; other upgrades are $150 ($99 now), according to Spider Island. The company is offering the product for $200 ($99 now) to users of StarNine Inc.'s WebStar and SoftArc Inc.'s First Class Intranet Server.

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