TeleFinder Chat from Tuesday, March 23, 1999 11 AM PST.
In attendance:
From Spider Island:
Bob Nunn, Donald McHose, Mikael Fredriksson

Bob Nunn: Hello Donald, anyone showing up for these lately, besides yourself?
Donald McHose: Hi Bob ..don't know about today.Dan has showed up in the past.
Bob Nunn: Well it has been a few I have been under the weather some lately.
Donald McHose: How have you been doing?I remember you had a bad case going.
Bob Nunn: Had 5 root canals in 4 days. Finally ended up finding 2 bad teeth. Now I have a head cold but about to get over it.
Donald McHose: Good deal..I have a cold in the chest thats a pain but as with your self I'll get over it. Ordered a ISDN last Friday..30 day wait though..;-(
Donald McHose: So we will soon see how it goes.I need to get a ISDN terminal box..thought about the USR I-modem..any thoughts?
mikael fredriksson: Hi!
Donald McHose: Hey Mikael.
Donald McHose: Bobs around somewhere.
mikael fredriksson: Bob do you have more info on your plans for tf extensions like E-commerce
Donald McHose: I think Bob had to answer the phone ;-)
Bob Nunn: Yep had a small meeting in my office while you guys were chatting
mikael fredriksson: Bob I was reading about your plans in Support area
Bob Nunn: What plans were that?
Bob Nunn: Well I read back up the menu. I have a demo E-commerce site close to being set up.
mikael fredriksson: from Telefinder-utilites: "I am working on a mini E-commerce solution using TeleFinder's SPML to generate orders. I will shortly be documenting and adding this to the collection."
Bob Nunn: I use the SPML for output of orders. I haven't presently linked to a transaction host for charge card. We are building sites presently for business to business transactions so it hasn't been necessary.
Bob Nunn: I thought since my wife and I had spent the time to do a demo site we might as well share it. It would make it easier for someone to change up.
mikael fredriksson: I like that, TF need all demo sites and samples that it can get to showoff what it can do.
Bob Nunn: Donald I would visit with your ISP and see what they are used to setting up. I went with Ascend since my ISP uses it and knows it inside and out. Ascend to Ascend connects well and the compression routines allow me to get better transfer rates.
Bob Nunn: You are right mikael. The more I learn the more I am amazed at how powerful this can be. Big demand here for small ecommerce sites. TF allows it with no custom CGI programming.
Donald McHose: Ok thanx..I'll do it in the am.I definitly want the best transfer rates since I'm paying for it right now. Why has there the not been a write up of TF in any of the rags such as Net Pro magazine?
Bob Nunn: I guess you might find the material useful. I never know if anyone ever uses it most of the time. I don't mind doing it but am not sure how good my instructions are etc.
Bob Nunn: I would submit TF materials to AMUG or Info Mac and some of the other places but RT being the owner of the program and such really has to do it. They don't always accept materials from others.
Donald McHose: Hmm....ok.I suspect that is true.
Bob Nunn: It is tough to get placement in magazines. Got to run guys. Watch for the TFeCommerce package in the Sysop Utilities area.

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