TeleFinder Chat from Tuesday, January 5, 1999 11 AM PST.

In attendance:

From Spider Island: Rusty Tucker

Sysops: Donald McHose, Bob Nunn,

Donald McHose: Hey Bob did ya catch the Jobs key note?
Bob Nunn: nope been working.
Rusty Tucker: hey hey
Bob Nunn: Just u and me. Woke me up.
Rusty Tucker: video is back :)
Rusty Tucker:
Bob Nunn: Is that you?
Rusty Tucker: finally figured out a good way to get a snapshot from a QuickCam
Rusty Tucker: Yes its me!
Bob Nunn: I have the same thing done with mine, but lost my port with the iMac. Not used to your profile I guess.
Rusty Tucker: there's a better angle with more light
Bob Nunn: Yep better. You need to add the little auto refresh with a good delay.
Rusty Tucker: yep, I can just put that into the SPML
Rusty Tucker: the Pict is just 11K, so its not too bad
Bob Nunn: Or put a button in anyway. I forgot the program I was using to do that. Must have lost it when I moved files to the iMac.
Rusty Tucker: There was a program from a while back that used the QuickCam application to take a copy of the window and so on, it was AppleScript I think
Rusty Tucker: it was very slow and a mess!
Rusty Tucker: This will cache a copy of the picture for some time to speed things up a lot
Rusty Tucker: DM - check out <>
Donald McHose: O.K.
Donald McHose: Nice picture! You?
Rusty Tucker: Yeah, its LIVE from my QuickCam!
Rusty Tucker: Might pave the way to video chats again
Bob Nunn: I was looking for the code I used for mine. Can't find it anymore, really had just played with it a bit. Thought about using it to look at my monitor at home from the office.
Donald McHose: I hear ya. I did a refresh to see the changes.
Rusty Tucker: There's another program you can use to view the monitor: serverscreencapture.acgi
Rusty Tucker: It takes a screen shot of the monitor and sends it.
Bob Nunn: Not a bad thought. Would allow me to check what's up with 3 machines on my home network and two camera's available.
Bob Nunn: I have always hesitated to install QC on a server since it slugs down a bit but wouldn't bother me to use another remote system.
Rusty Tucker: the resolution of QuickCam would make it hard to see a screen
Rusty Tucker: The "sluggishness" comes from the QC App that shows real time video
Bob Nunn: Yep... The screenshot thing sounds like a better solution but with things fairly solid now I probably won't do much to anything.
Rusty Tucker: You really want Timbuktu, then you can see and control.
Bob Nunn: I have it and used it for a long while when the Wang's server resided in our "secure room". I know have it down in my area since nobody in MIS will touch it. Only thing outside the firewall now.
Bob Nunn: If I ever had to run a machine completely remote I would use Timbuktu.
Rusty Tucker: I just put the screen capture CGI into the Web Master tools are in sysop files
Bob Nunn: I would like to have the video style chats again really enjoyed them. I see the auto refresh is now in.
Rusty Tucker: try it at
Donald McHose: Does it capture on command? Is this how you are pub. your QC?
Rusty Tucker: I'll finish up the QuickCam plug-in and post it
Rusty Tucker: Yes, the QuickCam plug-in will capture on command.
Bob Nunn: Yep that would do it. Not a bad way to look in on things.
Rusty Tucker: I'm going to add a caching option to it so that it doesn't need to capture and compress the image for each request.
Rusty Tucker: The serverscreencapture.acgi is something completely separate.
Rusty Tucker: Should be a way to send a static photo too.
Bob Nunn: Would enable non QC owners to participate.
Rusty Tucker: Then we could just make a web page that would capture all the Picts of the participants.
Donald McHose: That " server screen capture " is very nice. The green chat text on black is out though . Very terminal 70's ;-)
Rusty Tucker: Exactly the effect I was aiming for :)
Rusty Tucker: I updated my Counter Java Applet yesterday.
Rusty Tucker: The new version uses the "Odometer" style numbers and is easily configurable for different number sizes now.
Bob Nunn: I saw it. Prefer the new digits but it appears a bit sluggish. Does work well though.
Donald McHose: I got to tell you , the clock is the best I have seen. The counter is nice also. Boy is the Netwire here loaded ( slow for everything.
Donald McHose: Must be the weather..or a special show.
Bob Nunn: Donald where are you at? Town?
Rusty Tucker: Jobs keynote is coming up soon
Donald McHose: I am on a Charlotte NC feed.
Donald McHose: I saw a part of the 1200 keynote ...very garbled here could not make half the video.
Donald McHose: RT do you have a 68k ISDN link?
Rusty Tucker: 128K
Rusty Tucker: Guess, that was 12 est, I though it was 12 pst :( darn
Bob Nunn: Is there an url I can go to to try and watch?
Rusty Tucker: I see AAPL is getting the usual Expo bump!
Rusty Tucker: I really need to figure out a way to profit from that :)
Bob Nunn: Think I should sell today?
Rusty Tucker: Not sure about the timing, but there always seems to be significant bump in price during expo
Bob Nunn: I agree have been watching that a while. Expectations of what others will do after the announcements. If there was enough diff you could stand to profit.
Donald McHose: I think it has gone up $2.00 since 0900
Donald McHose: I saw the keynote on Znet I think. 1200-1400 east
Rusty Tucker: might be worth getting some on margin for a couple days
Rusty Tucker: as long as the news is good :)
Bob Nunn: Yep could kill ya if they came out and said chapter 11 or something.
Rusty Tucker: see that Hayes is down for the count?
Rusty Tucker: there gonna liquidate!
Rusty Tucker: Can't see how Supra can make money, but not Hayes!
Bob Nunn: Hadn't heard. Kinda sad since they really glued together modem telecom.
Rusty Tucker: yep, would have been nowhere without them
Donald McHose: I thought that Cisco and Hayes had tied a Knot years ago.
Donald McHose: The new server is a pretty blue and an odd shape and SMALL looking. Even has a carry handle.
Rusty Tucker: what server?
Donald McHose: New maxed out G3 is $2999.00
Donald McHose: The Macintosh and the ...Hmmm I think a-share and some thing else but couldn't make out what.
Rusty Tucker: Yosemite?
Donald McHose: That must have been it. The video/audio was getting crappy at that announcement.
Donald McHose: There was some mentioning of multitasking so it must have been it.
Rusty Tucker: that's OS X server -- the Rhapsody software
Rusty Tucker: Yosemite is supposed to be the new server box
Donald McHose: I suspect your right there. No word yet on Adobe buying GoLive though that may be interesting.
Donald McHose: The new prices kill me! To think what I paid for for the ole WGS -8150 USED ! Not to add the additional ram we bought...egh!
Rusty Tucker: "Virtual Game Station" sounds pretty hot --
Rusty Tucker: no kidding! Time to dump this 9500 and get me a G3!
Rusty Tucker: $1599 for that new one
Donald McHose: I finally caved in to the kids this xmas. I had fought off the station since it came out. Now its pay back time. Give me that disk kid! Dad wants to play!
Rusty Tucker: :)
Donald McHose: With Virtual that is ;-)
Bob Nunn: What's the url you guys are getting this from.
Rusty Tucker:
Rusty Tucker: and time for lunch here!
Rusty Tucker: do you have a log Bob?
Bob Nunn: Yep gotta go too. I think I have the chat captured. Will have to do some work to reorg it for the new year may be tomorrow
Rusty Tucker: OK, see ya!
Donald McHose: MacInTouch,macnn & macosrumors me too...ya'll have a good one and thanx for the info.

Bob Nunn: Bye!

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