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ClarisHomePage3.sea 9637 Kb Mar 13, 1999 05:08 PM
Claris Home Page v3.0
From: FileMaker Inc.
Demo - Minimum reqs. System 7.1
Approx. download time 1 hr. 4 min. at 28.8 kbps

Description: Claris Home Page is an HTML editor that allows you to create attractive Web sites. Knowledge of HTML is not required--everything is done in a Wysiwyg environment to keep things simple. Version 3.0 of this full-featured demo is a major upgrade to version 2.0. Now you can use the built-in FileMaker Connection Assistant to create interactive forms that connect directly to FileMaker Pro 4.0 databases. Assistants have been added to help you build all kinds of sites (standard, school,
personal) and newsletters, presentations, and reports. Finally, the new Site Editor provides a complete outline of a site's pages and contents and also identifies and repairs broken links. Many more new features are included. This demo will expire 30 days from the installation date.
Family History Composer.sea 142 Kb Mar 17, 1999 08:17 AM
Gene4.2.1.sit 1313 Kb Mar 13, 1999 04:19 PM
Gene Version 4.2.1
From: David Eppstein
Release date December 17, 1997
Shareware - Approx. download time 8 min. at 28.8 kbps
Description: Gene is a genealogy database. You can use Gene to store family data and notes, draw and print family trees, show how different people are related, or browse the database by clicking on names in cards and trees. Gene has no difficulty
handling complicated databases with thousands of names as well as multiple marriages and divorces. It supports JPEGs and report and HTML Web page generation.
GenKey.sea 77 Kb Mar 13, 1999 08:52 PM
GenKey is a utilitarian tool which expedites the creation of a family
tree on the Wide World Web.

GenKey is a standalone Java application. It is contained in the file and the main method is in the GenKey class.

In a nutshell, the user merely enters the relevant information about a person in appropriate fields and GenKey creates an html file which will display that information using any standard web browser.

GenKey also saves the information in a separate data file which can be recalled later in order to revise the web page without having to do any hard coding.

GenKey presently provides for the input of a person's name, parents, siblings (up to fifteen), spouses (up to three) and children (up to fifteen per spouse).

*Start* by clicking on the -Show Personal Information- button in the floating GenKey palette. You will be presented with a window containing fields for the entry of basic personal information about the person who's page you are entering, including gender, name, maiden name, address, phone
number, email address, home page url, location of a photograph to be
displayed (if one is desired) and dates and places of birth and death. For most of these items, a checkbox is provided and the particular item is displayed only when the checkbox is checked. You can, if you wish, then hide that information from view by clicking on the -Hide Personal Information- button which replaced the -Show Personal Information- button.

*Next*, click on the -Show Parents- button. You will be provided with a window containing fields for the entry of the person's parents' names as well as the locations of the files containing their information. Note that this is really a url. If you enter doejane.html, then it will be treated as a relative url, but if you enter, then it will be treated as an absolute url. *Siblings* Click on the -Show Siblings- button and you'll find a similar window enabling you to enter the same information about each sibling, along with whether the sibling is a brother or sister.

*Marriages* are handled similarly, with the ability presently to enter information about three spouses and fifteen children per spouse.

Finally, there's a -Show Comments- button where miscellaneous information can be entered. This provides tremendous flexibility, since even html code
can be entered in this field, enabling virtually unlimited flexibility in
the layout of much of the page, including, for example, the inclusion of
additional GIF images.

Clicking on -Write HTML File- brings up a file dialog so the user can enter a name for the html file to be viewed through a web browser. Remember that it's good practice to use .html as a suffix for any html file.

Clicking on -Write Data File- brings up a similar file dialog, but this time the file saved is in GenKey's special format so that all the information, including that which is not to be displayed on the web page,
will be saved and able to be retrieved.

Clicking on -Read Data File- enables the user to choose a previously saved GenKey data file so that the contents of a web page can be changed without having to do any hand coding. Once a GenKey written html file has been saved, it can be viewed on your own computer, or uploaded to any home page area and made accessible globally. It is even possible for relatives crossing continents to collaborate on their family trees, storing the pages on different computers as long as the url's are all entered.

GenKey is shareware. To register, send $18 to Alan H. Stein, 452 Farmington Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06710. Please report bugs, requests for enhancements and any other comments to the author @ <>.
gtm-us-218.sit 203 Kb Mar 13, 1999 04:19 PM
Grand Ma Told Me Version 2.1.8
From: M. Michel Bernard
Shareware - Minimum reqs. System 7.5
Approx. download time about 1 min. at 28.8 kbps
Description: Grand Ma Told Me is a genealogy management system that first appeared on the computing horizon quite a few years ago on the old Atari platform. It allows you to track your family's history in a visually pleasing, easy-to-use manner. Information is collected via a series of prebuilt templates, each asking you to fill in information about various members and branches of your family. The resulting data can be viewed in any number of ways. If you want a simple program to help you keep track of your family, Grand Ma Told Me is worth checking out.
Heritage3.11.sit 622 Kb Mar 13, 1999 04:20 PM
Heritage Version 3.11
From: Tag Software
Demo - Minimum reqs. System 7
Approx. download time 3 min. at 28.8 kbps
Description: Heritage is a genealogy database program that can help you keep track of your family tree. Features include data entry and retrieval of individuals and families, tracking and display of photographs, three different types of display, and the ability to determine and display the relationship of any two individuals. This demo version will only allow 40 entries into any database you create. Version 3.11 includes progress bar changes that better conform to Mac OS 8 specifications and adds a notes section to the marriage records area.
JPEGView 3.3.1.sit 568 Kb Mar 13, 1999 08:46 PM
JPEGView 3.3.1 - Enclosed is version 3.3.1 of the postcardware application JPEGView, a fast, flexible image viewer for all Macintoshes. JPEGView can open and display images in JPEG, PICT, GIF, TIFF, BMP, MacPaint, or Startup Screen formats. New - fat version (PowerMac native and 680x0), much more stable memory management with QuickTime and virtual memory, JPEG decompression now available even when QuickTime is not installed, full drag-and-drop support, for "Drag-aware" systems, rewrote high quality drawing for a significant speedup, added the ability to remember cropping on images, added new icon styles, plus ability to specify icon area and more. Requires System 7.0 and QuickTime.
MyPageTemplates.sea 244 Kb Mar 13, 1999 08:42 PM
This is an entire web site for use on Operator Headgap or any TeleFinder system. Most of the files will work equally well on regular web sites. Any SPML labeled pages call special functions of a TeleFinder server and will not function the same however but usually .cgi equivalents are available. (talk to your ISP).

To use this simply create all of the folders with the exact same name in your web space folder and upload the content.

You will want to customize the original code and then simply upload your changes over the originals.

Bob Nunn -
Reunion6Demo.sea 1210 Kb Mar 13, 1999 03:32 PM
Reunion 6 Demo - Macintosh only

The Reunion 6 Demo is a full working version of Reunion 6 for Macintosh, except for these limitations:

Only 35 people can be entered in a family file. Import/Export is disabled. Graphic charts can't be saved or copied.

Requirements: Any Macintosh or Power Macintosh with a CD drive, System Software version 7.5 or newer. Reunion is 100% compatible with OS 8 and OS 8.5. QuickTime 2.5 or newer is required for working with pictures, video, and some Web features.
Your Macintosh should have a minimum of 8 MB RAM. The "preferred memory size" of Reunion 6 is... 1500 K on 68K Macs, 1500 K on PowerMacs running virtual memory or Ram Doubler, 2645 K on PowerMacs not running VM or Ram Doubler.

Reunion is a genealogy software program -- a "family tree program."

Reunion for Macintosh has the highest rating for genealogy software in the January 1998 edition of MacWorld magazine and the February 1998 edition of MacAddict magazine. Reunion helps you to document, store, and display information about your family -- your ancestors, descendants, cousins, etc. It records names, dates, places, facts, plenty of notes, sources of information, pictures, sounds, and videos. It shows family relationships in an elegant, graphic form -- people and families are linked in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Reunion makes it easy to publish your family tree information -- even if you want to share it on the Web. You can automatically create common genealogy reports, charts, and forms, as well as birthday calendars, mailing lists, questionnaires, indexes, and other lists. Reunion even calculates relationships, ages, life expectancies, and statistics.

Reunion also creates large, high-resolution, graphic charts allowing complete on-screen editing of boxes, lines, fonts, and colors. Wall charts are one of its specialties.
SoundexC.sit 63 Kb Mar 16, 1999 09:09 PM